10 Tips for Resting & Staying Healthy in the New Year

1. Drinking Water

One of the simplest and healthiest things we can be doing is drinking water. Water aids every major organ in the human body. By drinking water we promote brain function, better digestion, healthy blood pressure, stable heart rate, removal of toxins, and the list goes on! This means, just by drinking a tall glass of H2O when stress comes on, it will be used to keep everything inside moving at a healthy rate and in the right direction.

2. Go On A Walk

You have worked all day, either at home or in the office. While falling onto the couch and binging Netflix sounds appealing, think about going for a walk first. The fresh air and change of scenery will actually reset your pace physically and mentally. Yes, you have been running around all day long, but a leisurely walk exercises a different part of the body that needs this refreshing time. The couch and a glass of wine will be there when you come back! See A Change of Pace: Rest that Promotes Creativity

3. Take A Warm Bath

Hop in a warm bath for 20 minutes! Add some epsom salts if you feel so inclined. Dim the lights and light a candle to really up the ante. But whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT bring your phone. Water is not only healing when we drink it, but also when we submerge ourselves into it. It relieves weight pressure, joint pain, and can actually clear away negative ion energy. 

4. Supplements

Take supplements that promote rest. Besides your daily multivitamins that help with energy and immunity, it is helpful to have natural sleep aids on hand. Valerian root, kava, magnesium, melatonin, chamomile, and passionflower are just a few I find helpful.

5. Stretch

Stretch!! Motion is lotion, people! When the body is sore and stiff, sleep at night will not be as deep or relaxing. Think of stretching in the morning as primer for entering the day, and stretching at night as a way to slow everything down and ensure good rest. 

6. Tea

Tea time isn’t just for the English, it can be very relaxing to have with friends or in solitude. Some cultures practice an afternoon break with tea and snacks every day. Tea is not only a superfood that can provide sustainable energy, but taking the time to ste(e)p away and warm the body creates a restful routine. 

7. Take a Long Lunch

Maybe you are not a tea person–take a long lunch! While this is not always possible if you work somewhere that only allots a 30 minute to an hour break, take the full lunch break away from your desk and out of the office, even if just for a stroll outside.

8. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is something none of us really think about outside of Yoga class. However, this is a great way to literally slow down the heart rate and find an inner calm when feeling frazzled, stressed, or anxious. Breathe in for seven, hold for four, and out for eight until control is maintained. 

9. Read a Book Before Bed

Many of us enjoy our Netflix shows or scrolling through Instagram before bed (GUILTY!). It can be so easy to do and look forward to, but very stimulating and unfulfilling. My suggestion, read a book before bed! This way the mind is still exploring a story without exposing the eyes to bright blue lighting. 

10. Bodywork

Start some form of holistic bodywork. This can be anything from getting a massage, to acupuncture, to chiropractic care, to cupping, etc. Different kinds of bodywork improve circulation, lowers blood pressure, clears skin, and paves the way for superior whole body function. Studies also show that this kind of physical touch releases oxytocin, stimulates positive thinking, and aids in social anxiety by encouraging trust. Check out: When the Stars (Vertebrae) Align, Puncturing My Schedule

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