As Consistent As the Moon

By: Jess Fleisch

If you don’t notice the moon’s daily changes, you will think her inconsistent and unpredictable. But when you gaze at her daily, you begin to understand her rhythm, her pattern, her reliance.

A male friend of mine recently asked, “With 28 days of varying perspectives, how can women be consistent leaders?” Cue my husband… “they [woman] are as consistent as the moon.” Which he astutely recognized is as consistent as the sun (the male hormonal system is 24 hours, like the sun).

Yes – thanks to our approximately 28 day cycle, we have various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual landscapes.

HOWEVER, These landscapes are cyclical, consistent, predictable.

Once we bring awareness to our hormonal changes and understand how our cycle day affects the way we show up, we can bring immeasurable (and consistent) advantages to leadership roles – not in spite of our cyclical varying perspectives, but BECAUSE of our cyclical varying perspectives.

As we approach the full moon, I too approach my full moon – ovulation.

My cervical mucus is becoming more fertile as estrogen rises in preparation for the release of this cycle’s egg. And as my womb actualizes creation, so does my mental and physical energy. Basically, my whole vibration wants to aid my creations.

In your inner summer (ovulatory phase), your whole being is supported in creation.

Ovulation is the peak of your sacred masculine half- the DOER energy, showing up for you to actualize your potential with ease.

Outward goals become easier to focus on as estrogen and testosterone peak. You may have more confidence and more drive to get things done, to collaborate and to socialize.

I am here for THIS – full embracing of action and productivity! And I recognize that this energy is not forever. And I remain in awe that in around 10 days, my inner autumn will approach, calling me inward and out of the heat.

When you give time and space to explore your inner world, (to deeply know what energizes you, what gives you pleasure, where you experience your creative flow state etc.), you can create the outer world of your dreams.

This is not woo woo. This is how you maintain sustainable fulfillment. When you make time daily to nurture your creative landscape, you can make the most fulfilling external goals. With proper respect for the entire creative process – including the often forgotten phases of reflection and rest, you can redefine productivity.

When you tap into your menstrual cycle on a daily basis, you tap into your creative process in all its phases.

Chemically, physiologically, physically and emotionally you are supported to:

🌑Rest in the menstrual phase

🌓Play/plan in the follicular phase

🌕Act/manifest in the ovulatory phase,

🌗Reflect/edit in the luteal phase

When you have the tools to understand your cycle, you have a structure to communicate with your body. Here are some secrets. Learn them and share them – turn them from hidden truths to common knowledge. 

Your cycling hormones parallel the creative process.

Your menstrual cycle is meant to support you, not inconvenience you.

Your period is meant to be pleasurable, not painful.

Good communication with your body is an invaluable tool to better your life in every capacity.

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