Earth’s Ovulation

By: Jess Fleisch (written June 22nd, 2021)

Earth ovulated yesterday in the Northern Hemisphere, her sunlight reaching peak levels.

Yesterday, Earth gave us her longest, brightest day of the year. She will now slowly turn inward, each day a slow descent to darkness.

You mimic this earth cycle in your menstrual cycle.

At and around ovulation, testosterone and estrogen peak. You have greater access to sharing, spreading and giving your light to the world. It is your most potent external time. You are hormonally supported to manifest your desires. You are in your inner summer.

Right now, this fertile energy surrounds us as the earth experiences her peak light.

For the next month or so, you are supported by the outer summer to channel your creative energy, to put your thoughts into action.

Use your individual cycle as a guide. Your fertile time in the summer months will have an extra boost of support as the prolonged sunshine enhances your cyclical creative drive.

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