Seasons Poetry

By: Meg Case


She appeared in a morning dream

And pulled me from my deep slumber

Leaping with an excited scream

She held joy without encumber

Her damp hair rich as fertile soil

Fell in front of her bright green eyes

Captured by hope I was loyal

As we puddle jumped at sunrise


The water grew into a lake

We floated no cloud in the sky

Our bodies carried by the wake

Drifted ashore sun toweled dry

On a blanket under lush green

Her smile as warm as the sun

Enchanted by this festive scene

We indulged in our picnic fun


As the blue sky shifted to pink

The foliage changed to warm hues

You raised a glass and with a clink

Gratitude is what we would choose

Draping the blanket on our back

From fallen sticks you made a fire

And placed our bounty in a pack

Contemplation we would require


While snow silently floated down

You held my hand and laid to rest

Your hair white and no longer brown

Love and acceptance you expressed

As you fell into a deep slumber

You were a season, a cycle

Holding joy without encumber

There is no end just revival

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