The Seasons Of Life

By: Ellë Case

In life, there are seasons. Seasons are like cycles, changing and returning, beginning and ending throughout the years and legacy of time. Seasons are seen through nature in the literal way that the earth turns from darkness to light; in the way that the climate goes from hot to cold. But maybe most personal to us as human beings, are the seasons we go through in life.

Life begins with the infant. The infant learns from its mother and father as it grows. It mimics them by way of their speech and actions, building upon what it observes. It then uses this knowledge to become more attuned to its environment. Soon however, the infant becomes a child, daring to defy the means of life. It uses what it has learned to find new and different ways of living life day to day–still very much encapsulated by innocence. The child longs for fun and games, but is rudely awakened into new responsibilities as a young adult. That young adult still has somewhat of a child’s nature, but with more maturity and experience. It has learned from mistakes, but makes fresh ones as well. It continues to enjoy what life has to offer, but in some sense, struggles with how to use everything it knows to make successful decisions. As that young adult becomes an adult, it has more pressure than ever before. While there are so many things that need to be done with not enough time to do them, it is important to remember that the fun and joy is still alive. The duties of life do not need to be troublesome, but rather, have new meaning. 

Though in some ways life can be difficult, we have to realize that those difficult things in life bring forth growth. Growth then brings wisdom and fulfillment. But if we continue to dwell on the negative, we will find ourselves trapped in that mindset. No, that is not the meaning of life. Life is a cycle and the cycle brings newness and replenishment to our bones. Just as winter causes death and destruction, spring comes and brings new buds. We grow in the way that we think and live, but we also grow to teach and to learn from those with whom we entrust our lives. So, although the adult sometimes struggles to stay afloat, wishing to be that tiny infant once again, the truth of it all is that its mother and father had to go through similar seasons of life. And that knowledge gets passed down to their child as a testament to remind them, “This too shall pass. There is hope even in the darkness.”

The seasons of life, therefore, seem not only to be literal as each year reaches its completion, but in the way we as people go from birth to death. The seasons of our ups and downs teach us what we are capable of doing and how we can affect the world around us. Ultimately, they bring growth and growth is beautiful and beneficial. There is a kind of reconciliation in knowing this. So although it may seem difficult, like the stresses and constraints of the world will never end, we can find assurance in knowing that a new season is on the horizon!

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