Who, What, Why: A “How-do-you-do?” of Sorts

Hey everyone! I want to take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Sam. I am the Founder & Editor of Red Thread Magazine. 

I am living just outside Nashville with my husband, baby boy, and our little dog. After receiving my English degree, I took a short detour in the world of fashion as a seamstress. If there’s a certain thing about me, it is that I love fashion–always have, and always will enjoy the self expression and joy clothes bring. That being said, there’s still a writer inside of me that deserves the chance to blossom! So, here I am at the start of a new endeavor. I promise to be imperfect and learn as I grow.

It all started after I got pregnant unexpectedly, lost my job in the pandemic, gave birth, and promptly moved outside the city. If that doesn’t sound like the precipice of an identity crisis, then I don’t know how else to say it. I began thinking of all of my different layers, “Momma” now being a huge one. But being a mother does not just completely redefine someone and erase everything else. I still desire to explore and celebrate all the different parts of me, including motherhood. It occurred to me that if I have this desire, certainly many other women do too. Red Thread is a way to commemorate womanhood in all of its many facets. It is my way to continue learning and growing outside of my individual scope. 

I have three incredible sisters, also known as my best friends. They define part of my soul. To give credit where credit is due, it is because of my sisters and the inspiration spurred on by their influences, that I started this publication. It was born out of a business dream… a beautiful storefront where we would sell holistic health aids, fun décor items like handwoven baskets, and one-of-a-kind clothing items–little gems contributed by each of us. Maybe one day we’d add a tea bar and sell fermented house-made goodies. It would feel like walking into a sacred space, or home, created by women, for women. Eventually, we’d host workshops where we could teach and learn from a rich and diverse community of other artists, mothers, grandmothers, healers, and writers. Here, stories could be told and different skills could be shared. This magical place would be called Crimson Thread

Red Thread Magazine is the first stop. The goal here is the same as the shop, just without the physical aspect. My heart is for this publication to be an online presence where women who seemingly may have nothing in common–and yet have everything in common–can learn, relate and flourish together. I want the layers of other women to feel inspired and adored and to burst to the surface!

So, welcome! Please make yourself at home.



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